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NLI Penalty FAQs

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  • Eliminating the NLI Penalty
    • Can the NLI basic penalty be eliminated?

      Yes. The basic penalty may be eliminated by asking for and receiving an NLI complete release. If the institution does not grant a complete release from the NLI, you may appeal for a release to the NLI Committee, which may grant a level of relief if extenuating circumstances warrant.

  • Year in Residence
    • What is an academic year in residence?

      An academic year in residence is the two semesters or three quarters while enrolled full time that a student-athlete is required to sit out from competition. The NLI program requires student-athletes who do not attend the institution with which they signed, or who attend that school for less than one academic year, to serve one year in residence at the next NLI member institution before being able to represent the second school in intercollegiate athletics competition.

  • Practicing or Receiving Athletics Aid at Another NLI Institution
    • If I do not satisfy my NLI, may I practice or receive athletics aid at another NLI institution?

      Yes. The NLI basic penalty is the loss of one season of competition in all sports and a required one year in residence at the next NLI institution. During your academic year in residence, you are permitted to receive athletics financial aid and practice with a team if the institution allows you to.

  • Attending a School that does not Participate in the NLI program
    • Am I subject to the NLI penalty if I attend a school that does not participate in the NLI program?

      No. If you sign an NLI you may attend any institution that does not subscribe to the NLI program without incurring any NLI penalties while at the non-participating school. Please note, though, if you would later transfer to an institution participating in the NLI program, the NLI penalties would be applied at your next NLI institution.