NLI Junior College Enrollees FAQs

Yes. If a prospective student-athlete signs an NLI before midyear enrollment, he or she may enroll at the signing institution midyear. In Division I, athletics aid is permitted for the spring term and the following academic year matching the NLI enrollment year. In Division II, multiyear athletics aid is not permissible; therefore, a midyear enrollee could either receive only athletics aid for the spring term and not sign an NLI or sign an NLI with athletics aid matching the NLI enrollment year.

No, if you were a Division I nonqualifier the NLI shall be rendered null and void if you are a midyear football junior college transfer and fail to graduate from junior college at midyear.

Yes. You may sign an NLI if you have already signed a letter with a junior college or an NAIA school. The NLI is a voluntary program with more than 600 participating institutions, all of which are members of either NCAA Division I or II. By entering the NLI program, participating institutions agree to abide by the NLI rules.

Yes. Your NLI remains binding if you do not fulfill the NLI agreement to attend the signing institution. If you sign an NLI then later attend a junior college and graduate from that junior college, the NLI you signed before enrolling in the junior college is no longer binding. This would permit you to sign another NLI to attend an NLI member institution.