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Binding Agreement FAQs

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  • Getting an NCAA ID
    • The NLI Signing Document requires an NCAA ID. How can I get this?

      Once you register with the NCAA Eligibility Center you will be assigned an NCAA ID. The institution recruiting you will add you to their Institutional Request List (IRL). Your NLI will be declared invalid by the institution's conference office without an NCAA ID. This is a requirement for all NLI signees, incluiding junior college signees.

  • NLI Agreement
    • When I sign an NLI what do I agree to do?

      When you sign an NLI, you agree to attend the institution listed on the NLI for one academic year in exchange for that institution awarding athletics financial aid for one academic year.

  • Fulfilling the NLI
    • How do I fulfill the NLI?

      You fulfill the NLI in one of two ways:
      (1) By attending the institution with which you signed for at least one academic year as a full-time student; or,
      (2) By graduating from a two-year college if you signed a NLI while in high school and later attended a two-year college.

  • Completing a Playing Season
    • If I complete the playing season, have I fulfilled the NLI?

      No. Completing the playing season alone does not fulfill the NLI obligation. You must complete the entire academic year at the school with which you signed.

  • Playing on a Team Guarantee
    • By signing an NLI, am I guaranteed that I will play on a team?

      No. Signing an NLI does not guarantee you playing time or a spot on the team. Rather, by signing an NLI, the institution with which you signed agrees to provide you athletics financial aid for the academic year..

  • Signing with a Division I and II Institution
    • If I sign an NLI with a Division I institution may I still sign with a Division II institution?

      The true issue is not whether a school is a Division I or Division II institution but whether an institution is a member of the NLI program. With more than 600 participating institutions, the NLI program is truly national in scope. All Division I institutions, with the exception of the Service Academies and schools in the Ivy League, are members of the program, and most fully-active Division II institutions participate in the program. No Division III institutions, NAIA schools, preparatory school or two year colleges participate in the NLI program.

      Complete list of NLI member institutions..

  • Coach Leaving Institution
    • Is an NLI binding if the coach of my sport leaves the instituion?

      Yes. The NLI you signed with an institution remains binding if the coach who recruited you leaves the institution with which you signed. When you sign an NLI, you sign with an institution and not with a coach or a specific team.

  • Quitting the Team
    • If I quit the team after enrolling, is the NLI binding?

      Yes. The NLI would remain binding if you quit the team. You have to remain at the institution for one academic year to fulfill the NLI agreement.

  • Not Enrolling
    • Is an NLI binding if I don't show up for preseason practice or fall enrollment?

      Yes. If you do not show up for preseason practice or fall enrollment, the NLI remains binding.

  • Failure to Complete Admission or Eligibility Process
    • Is an NLI binding if I don't complete the admission or initial eligibility process?

      Yes. If you do not complete the admission or initial eligibility process through the NCAA Eligibility Center, the NLI remains binding. The NLI will be declared null and void if you have a written denial of admission or are declared a nonqualifier by the NCAA Eligibility Center.

  • Eligibility Waiver
    • Is an NLI binding if a waiver for my eligibility is being filed by an institution?

      Yes. Your NLI remains binding while a waiver is pending. The NLI should be declared null and void if the waiver is denied. The NLI will remain valid if the waiver is partially approved (permitting athletics aid) unless otherwise stated on the institution's athletics aid agreement that you must be eligible for competition to receive athletics aid.