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Completing PDF Forms

Using the PDF forms provided on the NLI web site allows you to avoid using a typewriter to prepare forms.

Simply open the form you wish to use in Acrobat Reader. Then, click on the field you want to modify; actually, if you click just above the line, this works as well. For instance, to edit a field titled "Name", click above the line on which you would normally type the name. The field will then appear with a cursor which will allow you to enter the information.

To move between fields, press the [TAB] key. When you complete a field, [TAB] will take you to the next field. For checkbox fields, type the spacebar once to check the box; type it again to remove the check.

When you are ready to print the form, select File --> Print... If you need to print the form in triplicate, simply set the number of copies to print to 3.